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Full-Stack Web Developer

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How did I become a Developer?

My passion for coding started back in 2016 when I discovered FreeCodeCamp's Front-End Certification course. At the time I was working for a top Fortune 25 Medical Insurance company as a Technical/Administrative Liaison remotely to a team of nurses. I made it my personal goal to learn everything about Javascript and all I could about the world of Development. Finally, I had found a subject that was both a challenge, yet a creative outlet.

In June 2020 I made a life altering decision to enroll in Lambda's (currently known as Bloomtech) full-time, Full-Stack Web-Development program and pursue my passion. Lambda isn't easy. Learning a new career in a short amount of time takes commitment, that's why I have dedicated nights, weekends, and even holidays to never fall behind. And I believe my efforts have paid off. On day 1 my class size was around 120. Less than half of us will graduate. Only around 25 students will graduate without having to have ever repeated a unit. Proudly, I am one of those 25 students. I actually secured my first position as a Full-Stack Developer at a Renewable Energy Comany 1 week before I graduated! January 2022 I started a new position at K16 Solutions, a Tech/Education company!

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What I Do


Utilizing tools like ReactJS, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and libraries like Bootstrap and Material-UI


Building with Node.js, Express, and MySQL


Implementing testing with Yup,, Jest, and React Testing Library


Managing application state with Redux and Context API

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Recent Projects

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AWS Project

Currently in progress... React app hosted on AWS. Check back soon!

Human Right's First

Worked with a team of 4 on a cross-functional app for the Non-profit group, Human Right's First.

Dev Diet
Dev Diet

A React app created as part of a tutorial project I led to a team of 5. Custom grahics and a beautiful color palette!

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Twitter Clone

Pulling in live tweets from NASA, this app is built with React-Twitter/Flip/Scripts, Material-UI, and Firebase. Tested with React Testing Library.

All source code can be found on my Github, please scroll below and click on the Github icon

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